Release Notes - TigerGraph Server 3.1
Release Date: December 02, 2020

Release Notes for Previous Versions:

For the running log of bug fixes, see the Change Log.

Compatibility with TigerGraph 2

Major revisions (e.g., from TigerGraph 2 to TigerGraph 3) are the opportunity to deliver significant improvements. While we make every effort to maintain backward compatibility, in selected cases APIs have changed or deprecated features have been dropped, in order to advance the overall product.
Data migration: A tool is available to migrate the data in TigerGraph 2.6 to TigerGraph 3.0. Please contact TigerGraph Support for assistance.
Query and API compatibility:

New Features and Enhancements in TigerGraph 3.1

System Management

  • Introducing Continuous Availability with HA for user-facing components including GSQL and GraphStudio
  • Disaster Recovery Support using native Cross-region replication for core data operations
    • Allow customers to deploy TigerGraph clusters across Data Centers for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Granular Query level monitoring
    • Granular Memory usage reporting for queries
  • Audit Logging Enhancements
    • User information for all requests.
    • Request Status (request succeeded or failed) for all requests irrespective of access mode


    • Similar to Row-level access: tags on individual vertices determine which users/roles have access
  • Read-Committed Isolation level for Querying
  • Detached mode lets you run long queries on the background
  • More powerful Distributed Mode queries
    • Queries run in Distributed mode support nearly the full scope of the GSQL language.
  • STRING COMPRESS should be used with caution. See Data Types
  • reset_collection_accum command to release dynamic memory usage
  • DROP ALL is intended for global schema users. It not only works for superusers currently working at the GLOBAL level.


  • Support continuous availability in GraphStudio with application server HA

Admin Portal

  • Support continuous availability in Admin Portal with application server HA
  • Allow customers to debug and manage database logs:
    • Viewing, searching and downloading log files
  • Security setup and configuration for LDAP/SSO/SSL
  • Perform cluster configuration changes in restpp, Nginx, application server setting
  • Allow customers to set up whitelist IP through Admin Portal Nginx setting

Known Issues


  • Application Server
    • Since TigerGraph supports HA for the application server in v3.1, GraphStudio and Admin Portal data storage has to be updated. The HA enhancement caused a known compatibility issue during solution import process from GraphStudio: a solution that is created from "Export Current Solution" from a version released prior to v3.1 cannot be imported into v3.1. A solution exported from v3.1 will work with v3.1 and can be imported through "Import An Existing Solution". Contact [email protected] for a detailed workaround if you want to import a solution tarball prior to TG3.1.
  • GraphStudio
    • The No-Code Data Migration feature is in Alpha release. Your feedback would be appreciated.
    • The No-Code Visual Query Builder is in Beta release. Your feedback would be appreciated.

System Management

  • Automated Cluster Scale Out
    • In TigerGraph 3.0, automated cluster scale-out is not supported. There is workaround available using the Backup/Restore utility. Customers are requested to reach out to TigerGraph support for Cluster scale-out operation.


  • Multiple (Conjunctive) Path Patterns:
    • There are no known functional problems, but the performance has not be optimized. Your feedback would be appreciated.
  • DML type check error in V2 Syntax:
    • GSQL will report a wrong type check error for Query block with multiple POST-ACCUM clauses and Delete/Update attribute operation.
  • Turn on GSQL HA manually when upgrade to 3.1
  • Stale data visible after Deletes using index
    • Queries that use secondary index may still see the vertices being deleted until after the snapshots are fully rebuilt.