Release Notes - TigerGraph Server 2.5
Release Date: September 20, 2019

Release Notes for Previous Versions:

For the running log of bug fixes, see the Change Log.

New Features

GSQL Enhancements

  • MinAccum and MaxAccum now support STRING and TUPLE data types.
  • Added more STRING manipulation built-in token functions. See Token Functions for Attribute Expressions in the GSQL Language Reference, Part 1
  • Add DELETE TUPLE, to delete a user-defined tuple typ
  • MultiGraph independence: Each graph can name vertex types and edge types, independently of other graphs.

GraphStudio Enhancements

See the relevant sections of the GraphStudio UI Guide
    • Users can upload their own vertex icons.
    • More built-in vertex icons.
    • Allow use of user-defined token functions.
    • Persist the graph exploration result on the "Explore Graph" page.
    • Can save/load an exploration result.
    • Persist query result on “Write Query” page.
    • Can save/load a query result.

REST Enhancements


  • Add header option to limit the size of the output response.
  • Add built-in endpoints to REFRESH or DROP tokens
  • Add built-in endpoint to get query ID
  • Add built-in endpoint to abort query using queryID
  • Replace 6 shortest path query endpoints with 2 parameterized ones

GSQL Server

  • Add GSQL server endpoint to get the graph schema.

License Key

  • Rename the System-Specific License Activation page to be Advanced License Issues
  • Add Limited Capacity mode: If the platform reaches a graph size or memory limit established by the license key or a configuration parameter, then the system will refuse to add new data. The graph may still be queried, and data may be deleted. See the Usage Limits Controlled by License Key section in the Advanced License Issues page.

System Integration

JDBC Driver

  • Added support for GSQL interpreted mode, Spark, and Python.

Modified Features

  • GSQL: To select pattern matching support in a query, the punctuation around the version string has been dropped. The syntax is now CREATE QUERY ... SYNTAX v2 instead of CREATE QUERY ... SYNTAX("v2")