Load Data

Load Data

After mapping data sources to the graph schema, you can start loading data. Click "Load Data" on the left side menu bar to go to the Load Data panel.
The "Load Data" interface is vertically separated into two parts:
  • Data Mapping Overview and Manipulation
    • Provides a general view of the graph and the data mapping.
    • Shows the loading progress of each data source.
    • Enables the user to manage data with buttons in the control panel.
  • Graph Statistics
    • Displays the current total numbers of vertices and edges, and the specific number of each type.
    • Shows the total number of vertices and edges loaded over time in 5-second intervals.
To display real-time statistics, this page checks the number of vertices and edges every 5 seconds, which adds overhead. To maximize loading performance, move to a different page after starting loading, and only come back here occasionally to check on progress.

Start Loading

GraphStudio provides two types of loading:
  • Partial Loading: load a sample of the data sources which the user selects.
  • Complete Loading: load all of the data sources completely.

Load Some Data Sources

Select one or more data sources (holding down the "shift" key to select multiple sources), and click on the "start loading" button
on the toolbar.

Load All Data Sources

Click on a blank space in the data mapping overview panel to unselect the data sources, and click on the "start loading" button
on the toolbar.

Stop Loading

After loading starts, the "start loading" button
will become the "stop loading" button
. You can click on it to stop the current loading job. At the same time, the loading status of the data source will become "terminated". All pending loading jobs are also cancelled.

Clear Graph Data

Click on the "clear graph data" button
on the toolbar to clear the graph data. This operation will take approximately 1 minute or more, depending on the size of your graph and the hardware.
After the clear operation, the graph vertex and edge number statistics will both drop to 0.
After data has been loaded, you can go to the Explore Graph or Write Queries pages.