Release Notes-TigerGraph 2.3
Release Date: April 1, 2019

Release Notes for Previous Versions:

For the running log of bug fixes, see the Change Log.

New Features

Kafka Loader

  • Load real-time streaming data using industry standard Apache Kafka
  • Easy to configure: CREATE, GRANT... ready to use!
  • Fault-tolerant and distributed
  • For full details, see the Kafka Loader User Guide.

Analytics and Solutions - Graph Algorithm Library

GSQL Enhancements

  • Schema: Vertex Attribute as PRIMARY_KEY
    • In classic GSQL, vertex Primary_ID is special, not consider an attribute. This minimizes storage space.
    • New option to treat the Primary_ID as a regular attribute.
  • ✅ MultiGraph: Different graphs can use the same query names and job names.
  • ✅ Loading: User can choose how to handle edges with missing source or target vertex.
    • Default: If either the source id or target id of a new edge refers to a nonexistent text, then the system will create the necessary vertices with default values.
    • New option: If the source or target vertex doesn't exist, don't create the edge.
  • ✅ Catalog Display: Enhanced SHOW command
    • Show vertices, edges, jobs, or queries.
    • Accepts a regEx or glob pattern argument to show only selected items

GraphStudio Enhancements

See the relevant sections of the GraphStudio UI Guide
    • User-defined tuples as attributes are supported (already supported in GSQL).
    • When displaying a directed edge, only show the forward edge and not its companion reverse edge.
    • Text size of vertex and edge label is adjustable.
    • After a query is compiled, show its REST endpoint.
    • See graph schema while writing GSQL queries.
    • Better editing and installing experience for queries with dependencies.

Other Spec Changes

  • Single Sign On: The security.sso.saml.sp.hostname parameter is replaced by security.sso.saml.sp.url, which must be a full URL, not just a local path.
  • If a query is issued while another query is being installed, the query will wait rather than exit.
  • CHANGE: PRIMARY_ID as INT or UINT is no longer deprecated. To support more general use of attributes as PRIMARY_ID, the following data types may be used: STRING, INT, UINT
  • The keyword COMMENT is no longer reserved.
  • The built-in REST endpoint POST /ddl (Online Post) is deprecated. Its functionality is already covered by the improved and unified LOADING JOB introduced in v2.0

Documentation Additions and Improvements